Iron Sheep

profiil-raud5Iron Sheep shop offers forging and products of sheep wool made by Estonian craftsmen.

It is possible to buy a variety of forgings for furnishing or gifts, such as nails, racks, hooks, hooks, handles, candlesticks, candle extinguishers, chandeliers, poker, forging jewelry made of stainless steel and other items that are made in Aivar Heiste workshop.

Sheep products include sheep skin, gloves of sheep skin, pillows and other handmade leather and wool products. The wool of Estonian sheep is diverse and lots of items with different functions can be made of it.

Natural leather is valuable material and products that are handmade of it last for years. Moreover, they become even better and more beautiful when in use. The brand NAHAKODA (Leather Studio) revives ancient traditions of leather work and represents classical leather methods: belts, bags, notebooks, book covers, boxes.

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Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00-18.00

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