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profiil-4u9c7672Products: Clothes and accessories that are handmade and inspired by 150 years old Seto lace. Has been recognized with the title of “Recognized Estonian Handicraft” It is possible to organize Seto lace workshops and courses.

Estonian handicraft is the way to express Estonian identity. It is important for Estonians and unique for foreigners. Modernized handicrafts has made it to lots of homes and is used therefore on daily basis. Crocheted lace has also been used in the clothing of peasantry and in the furnishing of the farms. Lace decorates Estonian national dresses and from all laces one of the most unique ones is Seto lace that was produces as of mid 19th century in Southeast Estonia, Setumaa county. Seto lace is characterized by its colors, especially red – the color of life – which is present in all Seto laces. Every crocheted lace had its own color combination and pattern type that symbolized the unique culture of Seto people and the view to the world at that time. Seto people decorated with lace their national dresses as well as regular textile.

Seto lace is unique and that kind of colorful lace is not known in other Nordic countries nor anywhere in Europe.

Ulve Kangro has the higher category craftsman certificate in the field of textile.

Website: www.ulvekangro.ee

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10.00-18.00 Saturday to Sunday 10.00-16.00 / Tel.: +3726440128/+372 553 4051


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