Wood and Insects Store

profiil-puu2The founders of Wood and Insects store are Valdur Tilk who is practicing carpentry and Lilian and Martin Briston who are practicing flax felt and textile.

Estonia is rich for its forests – historically forest is a sacred place for Estonians and it’s an important part of Estonian culture. Estonian folklore has also been called wood/forest culture because the items which accompanied Estonian peasants in their everyday life were in majority made of wood. Thanks to the richness of species there is a lot of wood in Estonia that has different characteristics and color. For example, rowan is the tree that has the most power of magic according to Estonian folk sayings; durable juniper offers a unique scent and is a beloved handicrafts material; black oak that has seasoned in river mud for more than 300 years in an interesting and exclusive material. By appreciating old handicrafts traditions and by using the traditional ax and knife work methods, every piece is unique.

You can buy from the shop different sizes of buttons, beads, bowls, mortars, cutting boards and other useful items made of rowan, apple tree, plum tree, juniper, hazel, cherry tree, buckthorn, oak and black oak.

From textile the priority is flax felt and a lot of original technologies have been developed in order to process it. The main items are hats, accessories, toys and kitchen accessories.

Wood and Insects store also sells handmade wooden toys made by Estonian artists.

Our products are 100% Estonian handicrafts.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00–18.00 / Tel.: +372 644 0126/+372 523 4057

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